Sidewalk Built on the Road Leading to "Metsamor" Historical-Archaeological Museum-Reserve


In 2020, the construction of sidewalks leading to "Metsamor" historical-archaeological museum-reserve was carried out with the means of the RA state budget. The road passes through Taronik village of Armavir region. The 4.1 km long road was renovated in 2019. The road was in a very poor condition, it was never repaired, which was an obstacle for people visiting the museum.

In 2020 the improvement and construction of 1,143 km of sidewalks on the right and left sides of the road leading to the museum-reserve was completed.

Reconstruction of this road section is a stimulus for the development of tourism in Armavir region. The construction of sidewalks was carried out by "Hipernova" LLC, Tehnical Supervisor was Egis International & Sufet.