The Officials Got Acquainted with the Construction Process of the Tranche 3


42 Chinese specialists of the “Sinohydro Corporation” arrived in Armenia to  participate in the construction of roads under Tranche-3 of North-South Road Corridor investment project (Talin-Lanjik road section - 18.7  km and Lanjik-Gyumri road section - 27.5 km). The representative of the  “Sinohydro Corporation” company informed the representatives of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of Armenia thereon.

The mobilization of  the contractor's personnel will be completed in the near future. At  the moment, within the framework of Tranche-3, earthworks have been  resumed, the foundation and the top layer of the road are being laid, it is planned to restart the construction of artificial structures.  The representative of the company noted that certain sections of the road  are already ready for asphalting. According to him, the contractor is awaiting approval by the technical control engineer, laboratory  examination of the road base in order to start the asphalt laying process.

It is reported that representatives of government agencies also visited the working camp of the “Sinohydro Corporation”, where the  company's asphalt plant is located, asphalt is being constructed according to German technology and capable of producing up to 300 tons of asphalt per hour. The construction of the plant is at the final stage, and in the near future the plant will be put into operation.