T-3-11, / H-15/ (Armavir Village)-Nalbandyan-Getashen-Nor Kesaria / M-5/ 3 km Section of the Road has been Renovated


In 2020, the T-3-11, / H-15 / (Armavir village)-Nalbandyan-Getashen-Nor Kesaria / M-5/ road section Km 0 + 000 - km 3 + 000 was renovated. The renovation of the 3 km long road section was done by "Chanshinvarpet" CJSC. This road passes through several settlements of Armavir region: Armavir‚ Nor Artagers‚ Nalbandyan, Getashen‚ Nor Kaesarea, etc. It was last renovated about 30 years ago.

Earthworks, repair of bridges‚ renovation of drainage system, asphalt concrete pavement installation and other works were carried out with the funds allocated from the RA state budget.

Tehnical Supervisor was Egis International & Sufet.