Rehabilitation Of Lifeline Roads Contributes the Development Of The Infrastructures


On July 3, 2019 the representatives of the “Transport Projects Implementation Organization” SNCO and the World Bank delegation, led by transport specialist Mitsuyoshi Asada, visited the road sections which were already restored or were in the process of restoring within the framework of “Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing”.

The WB delegation first visited the road section (2.12 km) passing through Mkhchyan, Hovtashen and Noramarg communities. That road section was put into operation in December 2018.

Mr. Mitsuyoshi Asada observed the implemented works. It should be noted that a wholesale market for agricultural products was being constructed near this road. It would have warehouses, refrigerators, hostels, supermarkets, pavilions, administrative building, other infrastructures. This section was located on the shortest road connecting Yerevan, Vayots Dzor, Syunik, Artsakh with the Ararat Valley, where the villagers could sell their product.

The purpose of the lifeline roads rehabilitation is to facilitate access to markets and other basic services for the population of the regions. And the construction of a wholesale market for agricultural products near that road says that the Project serves its purpose.

Mr. Mitsuyoshi Asada also visited Verin Artashat-Hnaberd-Getazat and Artashat-Upper Artashat-Norashen road sections, which were in the process of rehabilitation.