Safety Works are being Carried out in a Number of Black Spots of Armenia's Roads


Within the framework of Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project, road safety measures will be implemented on a number of roads of the Republic. In particular, works will be done to ensure the safety of black spots, the infrastructure will be improved, road safety awareness billboards will be installed in some areas, etc.

Measures aimed at improving road safety and infrastructure of 9 black spots on the H-8 and M-5‚ Yerevan-Armavir-Armenian-Turkish border roads have recently started. Contracts have been signed with "Arhovshin" and "Ararat Chanshin" companies to carry out construction works. The completion of the works is planned in September 2021. In particular, works will be carried out on two dangerous points on the H-8 road. Safety improvement works will be carried out on M-2‚ M-4‚ M-6‚ M-11‚ M-12 interstate highways. The works are planned to be carried out in 2021.

The most dangerous points on the roads were determined on the basis of the analysis of the accident statistics provided by Road Police. The studies were conducted with the involvement of international experts. The actions for improving the traffic safety in the given road sections have been determined.

Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project is carried out through a grant provided by the European Investment Bank. The Project is implemented by the "Road Department" SNCO.