The Government Will Provide A Budget Loan To The Contractors Affected By Corsan Corviam Construction


The Government adopted a decision aimed at supporting those legal entities and individuals involved in the North-South Road Corridor Investment Program-2 that have filed financial claims against Corsan Corviam Construction JSC, mediating a budget loan based on the principle of repayment, maturity, valuation and solvency under the N T1-T2-CW-01 agreement signed between the Corsan Corviam Construction JSC and the RA Ministry of Transport and Communication.

The Prime Minister stated in this connection: “This is in fact an anti-crisis action, which came long before the coronavirus. I would like to remind you that a criminal case has been initiated and a probe is underway in this case. It is one of the highest-profile criminal cases ever launched in our country. We hope that the preliminary investigation will yield concrete results and that the damage caused to the state and the public will be restored in full.”