Road Signs were Installed and Restored


Within the framework of maintenance and operation of the Ashtarak-Talin section (km 52 + 54 and km 60 + 61,5) of the M-1 ‚Yerevan-Gyumri-Armenian-Georgian border interstate highway road signs were installed and restored. Other measures have been taken to improve the shoulders and ensure safety of the road.

The Road Department urges the population and drivers to take care of the elements ensuring traffic safety. Their absence can create dangerous situations, leading to irreversible consequences.

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The Contractor Got a Reprimand


The mentioned organization got a reprimand. In case of recurrence, the contract with the road maintenance company will be terminated.

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Project Management Training for Road Department Staff Members


During the meetings there will be a reference to several sections related to project management: timing, finances, resources, communication management, quality control, etc.

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