Reconstruction of 6.5 km Section of M-3 Interstate Road has been Completed


Reconstruction of M-3‚ Margara-Vanadzor-Tashir-Armenian-Georgian interstate highway, km 127 + 900-km 130 + 400 section is completed. The 2.5 km road section passes through the RA Lori region. The contracting company is "A.A.B. Project" LLC.

Reconstruction of  km112 + 900-km 116 + 900 section of the M-3 interstate highway has been completed as well. The works were carried out by "Argishti-1" LLC. The reconstruction of this 4 km road section passing through Spitak town of Lori region had started in 2019.

Two sections with a total length of 11.2 km (km 45 + 300-km 53 + 000 and km 72 + 000-km 75 + 500) are being rehabilitated on the M-3 interstate highway. These two road sections pass through Aragatsotn region.

The capital repair of the mentioned sections was carried out with the allocations of the RA state budget.