Issues Related To Design of Tranche-5 And The Preparation Process Of Land Acquisition And Resettlement Program Were Discussed


On January 14, 2020 a meeting was held at the Transport Project Implementation Organization with the representative of the design consultant- AIC Progetti S.p.A. (Italy). The preparation of final design for Tranche-5 and land acquisition and resettlement activities with the specialists of the Transport Project Implementation Organization. Upcoming actions have been clarified.

It should be noted that the preparatory phase of the land acquisition and resettlement process has begun in the Tranche 5, public consultations have been conducted in the affected communities.

The representative of the Italian organization was informed that the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO was renamed to "Road Department" SNCO by the RA Government Decree, and the authorities of the “Armenian Roads Directorate” SNCO has been delegated to the "Road Department" SNCO.