After Hand Over the Road Section is under the Guarantee Period


On December, 2018 the 2.12 km road passing through Mkhchyan, Hovtashen and Noramarg communities (Ararat region) was rehabilitated within the framework of the “Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing”. After hand over the road section is in the Defect Liability Period within one year. Meanwhile, the contractors carrying out construction work in the mentioned roadway are obliged to eliminate the defects by their own means.

During this period the engineers of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO make regular review visit to the rehabilitated road section.

During the regular visit it has been recorded that the carriageway of the road, the sidewalks, the drainage system are in a good condition. Nevertheless, some defects have been observed. In particular, there is vegetation on the sidewalks and shoulders, the paint on the bridge bumper beam is peeled off.

The Contractor is instructed to eliminate the defects.