Road Construction has not Stopped in the Republic: the Work Continues in the Rear


Due to the military situation, many employees of contracting companies have voluntarily left for the Artsakh Republic to protect their borders. However, road construction works in the Republic of Armenia have not stopped.

Mr. Babken Avetisyan, Deputy Director of “AAB Project” LLC, says that they continue the construction with the existing labor. Although many employees voluntarily went to the front, they do their best to complete the work. According to Babken Avetisyan, currently the company is mainly working on the 7.7 km long section of the H-75‚ Isahakyan-Gyumri road, M-3‚ Margara-Vanadzor-Tashir-Armenian-Georgian border interstate highway‚ M-6 interstate road. Works on other construction sites are in the final stage.

Mr. Arman Seisyan, the Deputy Director of "Arhovshin" company also emphasizes that the construction is being continued in different parts of the republic.

Mr. Hrachik Sargsyan, Chief Engineer of "Ararat Chanshin" LLC, informed that the company is currently carrying out periodic maintenance on Yerevan-Sevan highway. The repair of the bridge on the 45th km of the M-2‚ Yerevan-Yeraskh-Goris-Meghri-Armenian-Iranian border interstate road had been completed these days, work was also being carried out in other section. Mr. Sargsyan noted that all the road construction commitments undertaken this year would be completed on time. According to the Chief Engineer of "Ararat Chanshin", they support the front as much as possible, they organize the transfer of humanitarian aid with their own equipment.

According to the representatives of the road construction companies, there are many difficulties, however, they are trying to do their best with the available resources these days.

The contractors assure that they are with the soldier's in any situation. The soldier is fighting on the battlefield. They also show with their work that our country is standing behind them.