The Road Department has Summed up 2020


The 2020 has been summed up in "Road Department" SNCO. Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure mentioned that the trials of 2020 have affected everyone. Bbesides all this, we can not fail to mention even small achievements.

"There is something that unites us all։ it is the love for our homeland, country and work. We should be strong‚ we must go on the path of strengthening our country‚ and in this regard we all have our mission. Our work is for the benefit of the society and  our state. Let it inspire you all in the further work," said Mrs. Ghalechyan.

Mr. Stepan Machyan, Acting General Director of "Road Department" SNCO, summing up last year, in particular, emphasized that in 2020 there were great achievements in the field of road construction which is the result of the contribution of each employee of the SNCO. Mr. Machyan mentioned that the Road Department is entrusted with a whole sphere where we are required to do our best.

"We have about 100% results in the permanent maintenance works, almost 90% performance in the road renovation programs. A lot of work has been done within the framework of loan projects, the results of which will be obvious in 2021," said the head of the Road Department.

During the summarization  of 2020 works , a number of staff members  were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation.  Also,  the employees who participated in the war were awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for their great contribution to the defense of the homeland.