Meeting with Contractors


On May 16, 2019 Mr. Bagrat Badalyan, Deputy Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Armenia met with the representatives of road construction companies. Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, Acting Director of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO, Mrs. Lyudmila Aghabekyan, Project Manager of Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project, Mr. Aram Vardanyan, Project Manager of the M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia border Interstate Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project, the engineers of the SNCO participated in the meeting.

While presenting road construction projects Mr. Bagrat Badalyan has underlined that it is planned to carry out large-scale road construction work in 2019. He has emphasized that strict control over the quality of road construction will be carried out.

The importance of the provision of the safe traffic during construction has been emphasized. It has been noted that the requirements for project implementation have been raised, which will help to improve the quality of construction.

Mr. Badalyan has informed that they will often visit the construction sites to study the process on the spot.

A number of issues have also been discussed during the meeting.