Individual Consultant Selection Tender Has Been Announced


The “Road Department” SNCO of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures has announced a tender for selection of an individual consultant, social field work coordinator of the M6, Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia border Interstate Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project.

The Social Safeguard Support Consultant will act as the link between Road Department, Project’s Supervision Engineer and will be responsible for assisting the Road Department in design review process to ensure that the  social due diligence and assessment of new impacts are properly done in accordance with SPS requirements and good practices, consultations and coordination with other stakeholders (local authorities, cadaster etc.) are timely conducted, as well as shall ensure that all of the provisions of the LARPs (or CAPs) are implemented appropriately and effectively.

The Consultant must have 5 years of experience in the field of providing assistance and monitoring of multi-functional team, land acquisition and resettlement-related work implemented within transport projects.

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