The Commission Reviewed the Work of the Completed Construction


The rehabilitation of the 1.5 km road section on Arevshat-Abovyan road has been completed.

Handover Commission was established by the decree of Mr. Hakob Arshakyan, Interim Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of RA. The Commission members have thoroughly reviewed the completed work.

The 1.3 km section of the road passes through Abovyan and about 200 meters through Arevshat communities. The construction work was carried out by "Ararat-Chanshin" LLC.

The contractor has rehabilitated the subgrade, pavement, the water pipes have been changed, traffic signs and other safety elements have been installed and other works have been done.

Mr. Gogol Nikolyan, the Head of Arevshat community, noticed that no rehabilitation work had been done in the community since the Soviet times. Due to the work carried out the community life has become more prosperous, they can easily get connected with the main roads.

Mr. Francesco Bertini, Technical Supervision Team Leader, “Technital” S.p.A., spoke about the quality of the work performed, assured that all the stages of the road construction had passed, subjected to laboratory testing. Considering that all tests have shown positive results, Mr. Bertini noted that the work was done in a high quality.