Tender For Restoration of 42 KM of Lifeline Roads Will Be Announced In The Near Future


The Parliament recently adopted the law on ratification of the Loan Agreement for "Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project, Second Additional Financing" signed between the Republic of Armenia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Within the framework of the Project, 12 road sections with a total length of about 65 km will be restored in the regions of Armenia.

The tenders for the restoration of 4 sections (23.1 km) have already been announced. The designs of another 8 roads (42 km) are ready and  are submitted for expertise. After receiving the positive conclusion of the expertise, the tenders for the construction works for the restoration of those roads will be announced in the near future.

These 8 roads are as follows: M4-Sevan-Akhtamar complex-M4 (6.3 km), M1-Nerqin Sasnashen-Metsadzor (9 km), H12-Noramarg-Hovtashen-M2 (4.7 km), M6-Yeghegnut-Debed (7 km), T-5-32-Katnajur (4.6 km), M2-Noravan (4.3 km), H46-Khot (2 km), Shirak-Kamo (4 km).