Meeting with ADB Delegation


Mr. Gor Avetisyan, Executive Director of the "Road Department" Fund, received the delegation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), leaded by Mr. Thomas Hertz, ADB Senior Transport Specialist. The course of projects implemented with ADB financing was discussed. The "Road Department" Fund is carrying out the reconstruction of North-South Road Corridor Tranche-2 (Ashtarak-Talin section, about 42km), Talin-Lanjik section of Tranche-3 (18.7km), as well as Tumanyan-Bagratashen customs checkpoint (51.74 km) section of the M-6 interstate road with loan funds allocated by the Asian Development Bank.

During the discussion, the progress of the works on Tranche-2 and Tranche-3 of the North-South Road Corridor was mainly discussed. Presenting the completed works, it was noted that the reconstruction of the Talin-Lanjik section is in the final stage, in particular, the asphalting has been completed, the road furnishing works will be completed by the end of the year. As for Tranche-2, a contract will soon be signed with the contractor for the reconstruction of the 8 km section (km 29+600-km 37+545) bypassing the archaeological site of Agarak, after which the construction works will start. A tender was announced for the reconstruction of the 34 km unfinished section of Tranche-2 (km 37+545-km 71+500).

The ADB delegation will visit the construction sites to get acquainted with the completed and ongoing works. There will also be separate meetings with professional teams, discussing the financial, technical, social, environmental and other components of the projects.

The members of the ADB mission emphasized that they will do their best to support the effective implementation of the projects.