Construction is Underway on Tranche 3 of the North-South Road Corridor


Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Mr. Stepan Machyan, Acting General Director of the "Road Department" SNCO, other officials visited Tranche 3 of the North-South Road Corridor which included the Talin-Gyumri road section (46.2 km). They got acquainted with the ongoing road construction works.

The road construction officials met with the new staff of the "IRD Engineering" construction supervision/engineer company, headed by Paul Clark. Mr. Gao Guihua, the representative of the "Sinohydro Corporation" LTD- Contractor of the Tranche-3 of the North-South Road Corridor presented the process of the road construction.

Deputy Minister and the representatives of the Road Department visited the working camp of "Sinohydro Corporation". During the discussion held here, Mrs. Ghalechyan stressed the importance of winter maintenance of the Talin-Gyumri road section during the coming winter. The winter service period starts on the roads of Armenia from November 15, 2010. They must be sure that proper maintenance will be provided in that section.

The representative of the Contractor noted that the work of accumulating the necessary materials has already started, they will perform the winter service on their own, involving some additional resources.