Sisian-Kajaran Road Construction Project Environment and Social Impact Assessment Report has been Presented


A public discussion was held at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of RA. The Environment and Social Impact Assessment Report of the Sisian-Kajaran Road (North-South Road Corridor Investment Program, Tranche 4) Construction Project has been presented. It has been compiled by “Ecoline International” Ltd, “SE Solutions” (Pty) Ltd and “ATMS Solutions” Ltd. 

Among the participants of the public discussion were representatives of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, the “Road Department” Fund, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment.

The Environment and Social Impact Assessment Report was carried out in accordance with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and national requirements.

Mr. Artur Sanoyan, Tranche 4 Project Manager, presented the technical characteristics of the road to be constructed. It should be noted that the road will be 60 km long. It is planned to construct a new 2nd category road section (with a total length of about 60 km, including 4.7 km long 27 bridges and 12.5 km 9 tunnels (the longest is Bargushat tunnel with length of about 8.6 km)). The road will have three traffic lanes, the width of each lane will be 3.30 m.

Mr.  Artak Ter-Torosyan, Director of “ATMS Solutions” Ltd spoke about the projected environmental impacts during the implementation of the program. The possible socio-economic impacts and benefits were also presented.

The organizers noted that similar public discussions will be held in Syunik region as well.