Two Road Sections In Tavush And Shirak Regions Were Removed From The Warranty Period


Two road sections, which were under one year of Defects Liability Period after the rehabilitation, were removed from the warranty period. These roads are as follows: about 3.6 km of the M6-Archis (Tavush region) and about 6 km of the H32-Vahramaberd-Hovuni-M1 (Shirak region). Those roads have been restored within the “Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing”. The roads were rehabilitated in 2018.

The working group, consisted of representatives of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of RA, “Transport Projects Implementation Organization” SNCO‚ regional administration offices‚ contractor companies‚ assessed the current state of the roads and recorded that they were in compliance with the contract and the design. These roads are of regional importance and after removal from the guarantee period shall be handed over to the regional administrations. Further operation of the roads will be carried out by companies selected by the regional administration offices.


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