43 km Long Section of Tatev-Aghvani-Kapan Strategic Road is being Reconstructed


43 km long section of H-46, Tatev-Aghvani strategic road is being reconstructed. At the moment, construction works are underway on all three sections of the 43 kilometer-long highway.

The section of the first 12.5 km (km 25 + 000-km 37 + 500, the reconstruction started last year) is already in the asphalting stage. The works are scheduled to be completed this year. The contracting company is "Builder Construction" LLC.

"Vosmar" LLC is carrying out construction works on the km 37+500 - km55 +000 section of the road. The renovation commenced this summer. The Contractor is carrying out earthworks on this 17.5 km long road.

The installation of the lower layer of asphalt has started on the 13 km long section of the highway. In this section (km 55 + 000-km 68 + 000) the Contractor "Karavan" LLC carries out recycling of the road surface.

After reconstruction of 43 km of the road, we will have a highway of good condition bypassing the M-2 interstate road.