The Issues Related Tranche-1 and Tranche-2 were Discussed


On November 21, 2018 a discussion took place between the representatives of the "Corsan-Corviam Construccion S.A." Spanish company, the Contractor of Tranche-1 and Tranche-2 of the  North-South Road Corridor, joint venture of French "SAFEGE" and Spanish "EPTISA" companies, Program Management and Technical Supervision Consultant, the Asian Development Bank and the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO.

The agenda included issues related to the elimination of defects in Tranche-1, the quality of the concrete pavement and the issues related to the winter maintenance in the Tranche-2.

Mr. Vazgen Petrosyan, Interim General Director of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO noted that the winter maintenance of the Tranche-2 road should be carried out by the Contractor which is mentioned in the contract and it was the requirement of the RA legislation. Mr. Petrosyan's statement was also approved by the Mr. Nicolas Jais-Nielsen, Representative of the "SAFEGE and EPTISA".

Quality issues related to Tranche-1 and Tranche-2 were raised by the Transport Project Implementation Organization. It was noted that the Contractor should mobilize all its resources and complete the construction of the Tranche-1 in a high quality and in time.