The constructions Issues of the North-South Road Discussed with the representatives of the “PowerChina”


On November 23, 2018 Mr. Vazgen Petrosyan, Interim General Director of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO and the representatives of the organization accepted Mr. He Peng, Representative of the “PowerChina”, Mr. Wang Chunming, Deputy Director of Caucasus and East Europe Region of the “PowerChina/Sinohydro”, Mr. Wen Xiao, "Sinohydro" Representative in Armenia.  

“Sinohydro”, which carries out construction of the Tranche-3 of the North-South Road Corridor, is a part of the "PowerChina".

The representatives of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO discussed the construction work of the Tranche-3 with the Chinese part. The importance of the road for Armenia was highlighted. A number of technical issues related to construction were also discussed. The necessity of carrying out high-quality work was emphasized.

The Tranche-4 of North-South Road Corridor was also presented. The Chinese part was interested in a number of issues regarding possible a Public-Private Partnership in the construction of Tranche-4.