No Coronavirus Symptoms Among Chinese People Currently Working At The "Sinohydro International" LTD


There are no signs of Coronavirus among the citizens of China currently working for the North-South Road Corridor, Tranche-3. The Contractor, "Sinohydro International" LTD Chinese company informed that the latest representative of the organization from China arrived in Armenia from Georgia. He is currently in quarantine, which will end in 2 days. On February 27, 2020 he will join the working team. During this time, no symptoms of Coronavirus has been appeared.

The latest employee of the "Sinohydro International" LTD returned Armenia from China in January 6, 2020. He also passed the secret period of Coronavirus without showing any symptoms. The other employees of "Sinohydro International" LTD had not yet returned from winter vacation from China.

Chinese company informed that they are in constant contact with Maralik Health Center for effective preventive measures.