The Rehabilitated Roads Contribute To Economic Development Of Communities, Increase the Living Standards Of Villagers


Reconstructed M1-Hayreniats-Tufashen-H 83 (10.5 km) and H81-Talin-Tsamakasar-Nor Artik-H75 (10.9 km) roads are put into operation. The roads were rehabilitated under the “Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing”.

The members of the commission established by the order of Mr. Suren Papikyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, visited the mentioned road sections to observe the work.

Residents of Bagravan settlement in Ani community of Shirak region were gathered at the beginning of the restored road to greet the contractors and Project officials and express their gratitude.

Mr. Arsen Varosyan, the resident of Bagravan promised that they would take care of the rehabilitated road and will not allow anyone to demolish it.

Mr. Nerses Hakobyan, resident of Zamakasar, said that they had waited 30 years for this road to be restored. ''We are very pleased with everything and the quality of work performed. Also, we would like just to ask you to restore the about 7 km road section connecting Tsamakasare to Dzithanqov. This will allow to reduce about 25 km the road leading to Gyumri'', said Nerses Hakobyan.

Mr. Gevorg Martirosyan, head of Hayrenyac, said that the road rehabilitation promoted community economic, tourism development, raising farmers' living conditions. As the community leader said the area was rich in sights, and due to rehabilitated roads the tourists would have easier access to those sights.