Deputy Director General of the ADB Visited Tranche-3



On the 25th of October, 2018 Mr. Hong Wei, Deputy Director General of the Asian Development Bank (Central and West Asia Department) accompanied by the representatives of the Bank and the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO  visited the Tranche 3 section of the North-South Road Corridor.

Mr. Hong Wei has met with the contractor of the Tranche-3 ("Sinohydro International" LTD Chinese company) and the construction supervision/engineer company (Italian Joint Venture of "Spea Ingengneria Europea S.p.A." and "IRD Engineering S.r.L").

Mr. Vazgen Petrosyan, Interim General Director of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO, presented the accomplished and ongoing construction work at the Tranche 3. He pointed out that there are certain organizational issues in the road construction financed by the Asian Development Bank but the contractors have gradually solved them. So that the increase in the volume of the work in the last two months is noticeable. He also noted that some changes need to be made to speed up the program.

Mr. Vache Minasyan, the Team Leader of the construction supervision/engineer company, has noticed that the main challenge of construction is the quality and timing. According to him, during the meetings with the contractor it is always stressed that the work should be carried out at a fast pace, at the same time in high quality.

Mr. Hong Wei has noticed that the North-South Road Corridor is a very important project for Armenia. The number one issue of this program is the quality and joint efforts should be continued to have good results.