The 12 km Section of the Goris-Kapan Road is being Reconstructed


Renovation is undergoing on the 12 km of the Goris-Kapan road section (M-2, Yerevan-Yeraskh-Goris-Meghri-Armenian-Iranian border interstate highway). In particular, construction works are being carried out on  km270 + 000-km 277 + 000 section of M-2 road, which length is 7 km. The project is financed from the state budget and its value is ARD 590 mln. The construction works are implemented by the companies “Vosmar” LLC and “Kapan CHSHSH” LLC .

"Aparazh" LLC is carrying out capital repairs in the km 284 + 400-km 289 + 100 section of M-2. For the reconstruction of the 4.7 km road section it was provided about ARD 420 mln. Renovation works of both sections were commenced in June, 2020 and are expected to be completed within 150 days after the commencement date.

The design implies implementation of 12 km two-layer asphalt concrete pavement, rehabilitation of the drainage system, installation of safety elements, etc.