Training on Increasing Gender -Sensitiv was Held


The World Bank (WB) conducted a training on gender sensitivity. The World Bank experts and SNCO employees discussed the problem of gender-based violence during the WB projects implementation.

It should be noted that the WB supports Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO.

Considering the risks arising during road construction projects in different countries, the Bank has increased assessment of gender-based violence to its policies and risk assessment tools. In this context Armenia is considered as a country of low risk.

Nevertheless, for the benefit of the population some Rules of Conduct are being developed. These rules are mandatory for contractors and their staff during project implementation.

Within the framework of the training, the WB representatives touched upon the topic of violence, its types, mechanisms for reviewing complaints.

The representatives of the Bank responded to the questions of the employees of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO.