Bagratashen Bridge Design Is In Its Final Phase


On 27 August, 2019 a meeting took place with the representatives of the Soo-Sung Engineering Co., Ltd, engineering company providing construction of a new bridge at the Bagratashen border supervision crossing point.

Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, Acting Director of the “Transport Project Implementation Organization” SNCO noted that the construction of the bridge named "Friendship" and connecting Armenia and Georgia is an important project for both countries. She emphasized the need for close cooperation between all parties - bridge construction Clients (governments of Armenia and Georgia), contractor and engineering services provider. The Acting Director assured that they would do their best to assist Soo-Sung Engineering Co., Ltd in all matters.

The bridge design is in its final phase and it is necessary to discuss the draft of the design in detail during the forthcoming meeting. The parties will make their observations, adjustments, after which the design will be confirmed and sent for expertise.

Christine Ghalechyan emphasized that the Armenian side wanted to start the construction of the bridge as soon as possible, so the work should be organized more efficiently.

During the meeting, current issues related to the construction of the bridge were discussed. The Korean partners informed that Soo-Sung Engineering Co., Ltd, which has its office in Tbilisi, would open an office in Yerevan, which would help to speed up the process in the future.