Issues Related to Contractor’s Mobilization Discussed with the Representatives of the "Sinohydro International" LTD


A meeting was held in “Road Department” SNCO with participation of Mr. Gao Guihua, the representative of the "Sinohydro International" LTD- Contractor of the Tranche-3 of the North-South Road Corridor, Mr. Wen Zhang, Contract Manager, Mrs. Lilit Hambardzomyan, Consultant.

Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Mr. Stepan Machyan, Acting General Director of "Road Department" SNCO and other officials discussed the issues related to the mobilization of the organization's staff‚ the progress of the work in Tranche-3 with the representatives of the Contractor.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, some problems arose with the arrival of Contractor’s specialists to Armenia. The representatives of "Sinohydro Corporation" company mentioned that the mobilization of the staff will be completed in the coming days, which will allow the full resumption of the construction works.

It should be noted that earthworks are being carried out in certain parts of Tranche 3, installation of subbases, etc.