M6 Construction Works Progress was Discussed


Mrs. Christine Ghalechyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Mr. Stepan Machyan, Acting General Director of "Road Department" SNCO visited the renovated section of M6, Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia interstate road to get acquainted with the progress of construction works.

In Lot-1, which includes the section of Tumanyan-"Sanahin" station, the representatives of Technical Supervision team informed that the earthworks are almost completed, about 700 m of retaining wall is being constructed. A section of the road is ready for pavement. The contractor is waiting for the approval by the Technical Supervision to use the materials for the installation of the base. The proposed solutions for improving the traffic conditions at the Odzun junction and the related problems were also discussed.

In Lot-2 ("Sanahin" station-Haghpat section) retaining walls are being constructed as well‚ drainage system installation works are being carried out, the sand-gravel subbase is being corrected in "Engels" district of Alaverdi‚ after which asphalting will be done. The representative of the Contractor assured that preventive measures are taken to control the amount of dust.

Asphalting works in Lot-3 (from Ayrum to Bagratashen) are underway.

The Deputy Minister also discussed with the representatives of the Contactors, the Technical Supervision issues related to the additional alienations arising as a result of the design changes, the construction schedule, and other issues.