On September 28, 2018 a meeting took place with the representatives of the Transport Project Implementation Organization, contractors who were working within the framework of the “Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing” Project supported by the World Bank. During the last 10 days, the WB specialist visited the rehabilitated road sections, got acquainted with the construction works.

The meeting has commenced with the presentation of the “Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project” launched in 2009. The project goals were discussed and it was underlined that roads under reconstruction connect the communities with the key infrastructures. Another goal of the project is the capacity building of local construction companies. That is why the Bank is continuously following the process of the construction work.

The WB specialist presented his observations recorded during the site visits. Issues related to the quality and timing of road rehabilitation works were discussed.

Mrs Lyudmila Aghabekyan, Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project Manager, presented the execution of construction works. She noted that the road rehabilitation work is mainly either completed, or is being implemented according to the schedule and there is anxiety that the contractor may not be able to complete the work of only 2 roads within the prescribed timeframe.

The representatives of the contracting companies raised their concerns and a stakeholder discussion was held.