The Streets of Aygepar have been Renovated


Aygepar community of Tavush region has changed: there are beautiful paved streets, renewed roofs there. Works were implemented by the company “Tavush CHCHSH”. The company has renovated 2 km of streets in Aygepar, financed by the state budget RA.

Mr. Harutyun Manucharyan, head of Berd community notes that the reconstruction of roads first of all strengthens the moral and psychological condition of the community residents. People are heartened to see the asphalting is being done in a village very close to the border. He also notes that the rehabilitation of the most important infrastructure is a great stimulus for the development of the community. Speaking about the quality of the work, Mr. Manucharyan emphasized that all the roads were repaired by "Tavush CHCHSH" with high quality. "We have roads repaired 10-15 years ago, we assess them with our experience," says the head of the community.

Mr. Gagik Adamyan, the head of "Tavush CHCHSH" says that earthworks have been carried out in Aygepar, the drainage systems have been overhauled, the road has been asphalted, which has never been asphalted. "The yards, entrances and exits of all the buildings are practically completely asphalted. Aygepar is my village, I live there, we did everything to please the residents," says Mr. Adamyan.