Mr. Suren Papikyan Got Acquainted With Restoration Works Of The Road Connecting Sardarapat and Nor Armavir


On 29 June, 2019 Mr. Suren Papikyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of RA got acquainted with restoration works of the road (6.146km) connecting M5 interstate highway, Sardarapat and Nor Armavir communities. This road section was being rebuilt in the framework of the “Armenia Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project: Additional Financing” financed by the World Bank and RA Government.

Mr. Bagrat Badalyan, Deputy Minister informed that the construction started about a month ago and a great progress had been registered within a month. The Deputy Minister noted that judging from the construction process, it could be said that the construction would be completed ahead of schedule.

Mr. Papikyan walked around in the site, talked about the construction process with the representatives of the “Transport Projects Implementation Organization” SNCO, contractor (“Kapavor” LLC), builders, heads of the communities stressing the importance of maintaining quality in road construction. The repairing road was inter-community and it connected 6-7 settlements.

The residents of Sardarapat said that the road had not been repaired for about 50-60 years and the work being done today was a great support to them. According to them, the infrastructures had great importance for each settlement. The road restoration solved serious economic, social problems for them.

Mr. Babken Vardanyan, head of Sardarapat community emphasized that the improved road would allow residents to easily access the harvest to the markets without damaging the equipment.