The Construction of Tranche 3 with Involvement of Local Manpower Contributes to Solving the Social Problems of People Living in Neighbouring Regions


The Contractor of Tranche 3 of the North-South Road Corridor - "Sinohydro Corporation" LTD continues large-scale construction works. Tranche 3 includes the construction works in Talin-Gyumri road section (about 46 km).

Mr. Gao Guihua, the representative of "Sinohydro Corporation" company notes that earthworks have already been completed on one side of the road under construction, asphalting has started, most of the work on the existing structures on the road has been completed. The Company will try to complete the road asphalting of about 50 km in one direction by the end of 2021. The Company representative notes that for the successful implementation of this work, a large number of qualified engineers and employees are required which are provided by both Chinese and local experts. This year the Contractor will install two layers of asphalt. The last, third layer will be installed next year, just before the completion of the works.

It should be noted that a large number of employees from the local regions are involved in the construction of Tranche 3. This major infrastructure project will also solve the social problems of people living in the regions near Tranche 3. According to Mr. Guihua, about 245 local workers were involved in the construction of Tranche 3 at the end of last month. Moreover, that number is growing during the construction season, and they plan to increase it to about 350 in July-August.

Mr. Gao Guihua emphasizes that it is very important for them to successfully complete the construction of Tranche 3 and they do their best for that purpose. He noted that the Chinese organization is interested in continuing cooperation within the framework of the North-South Project. "We do not plan to complete Tranche 3 and return to China, "Sinohydro" is also interested in the work of other tranches of the North-South Corridor. Besides, our organization has an extensive experience in other fields as well - energy, hydropower, etc.," said the representative of the Chinese company.