The road passing through Darbas, Getatagh, Lor, Shenatagh (Syunik Region) will be repaired


The reconstruction of the M-2 Vaghatin-Shenatagh highway (13.76 km) is carried out within the framework of the “Lifeline Roads Network Improvement Project Additional Financing” project of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO. The rehabilitated road begins at the intersection of Shamb village, passes through Darbas, Getatagh, Lor and reaches the central part of Shenatagh. The entrances to the schools, medical centers, village administrations, culture houses will also be restored.

The construction work started in March 2018 and it is scheduled to finish in January 2019. Construction work is carried out by "Sisian FPAT" LLC. Company officials promised to finish the construction work in November 2018. The asphalting work will be carried out in September.