Nikol Pashinyan: “Roads of dubious quality should not be built under our government”

10-07-2018 21:10

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultative meeting, during which issues and problems related to the construction of the North-South highway were discussed. “We need to understand what has been done so far in the context of the project, what is the situation, what are the problems, how do we imagine the continuation of the project in terms of financing and implementation.

The North-South project is probably the largest project in the history of the third republic, at least in terms of financial cargo and public debt. Unfortunately, from the very beginning of the project we hear more about the problems than about their solutions, and our task is to understand the reasons for this situation, and also to find solutions. I also talked with the representatives of law enforcement bodies of Armenia and I think that they should also be interested in this situation.

At the moment, of course, I do not have any presumptions, but in the media, from different platforms, including official bodies, information comes in which gives cause for concern and concern. We need to understand how much these concerns are relevant, whether this concern can have civil or criminal legal consequences,” the Prime Minister said.

Then the project managers reported on the problems that arose on the already commissioned sections of the road, identified shortcomings, compensation for damage, the activities of contracting organizations, ongoing construction work. The issues of continuation of the project and possibilities for carrying out construction work in different areas were also touched upon.

Prime Minister Pashinyan gave specific instructions to the responsible persons and noted the importance of excluding in the course of the further implementation of the project the problems related to the quality of road construction and for carrying out consecutive works in this direction.

“Roads of dubious quality should not be built under our government, that is the quality of road construction should be guaranteed,” the Premier said, urging those responsible to report back progress in the implementation of his assignments within the shortest possible timeframes.