Construction of Talin-Lanjik and Lanjik-Gyumri road sestions of North-South Road Corridor, the Tranche 3 , the corridor of the North-South Road, Talin-Lanjik and Lanjik-Gyumri roads has been inspected

11-07-2018 11:10

On July 10, 2018 the representatives of the "Transport Project Implementation Organization" SNCO, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank visited the road sections Talin-Lanjik and Lanjik-Gyumri roads (total length is around 46 km) of the North-South Road Corridor Investment Program, Tranche 3 and got acquainted with the construction process.

At the end of the day a meeting was held with the representatives of Chinese "Sinohydro" company, which is engaged in the road construction process. The representatives of the construction supervision company ''Spea Ingengneria Europea S.p.A." and "IRD Engineering S.r.L" were also present at the meeting.

Issues related to the construction process, quality and timing were discussed. The parties also touched upon the agreements, which have been reached with the Chinese company before and fulfillment of their commitments.

It was stressed that the construction process should be carried out in good quality and within the prescribed time frame.

The representatives of the "Sinohydro" company informed that by July 25 2018 they will involve more technical equipment, the number of workers will increase, which will contribute to  increasing the productivity.