ADB’s Statement about North-South Road Construction

30-07-2018 13:42

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has issued a statement with respect to the construction of Armenia’s North-South Road Corridor. 

In response to recent media coverage regarding the construction of the North-South Corridor, the Asian Development Bank would like to clarify the following:

As a financing partner for the Government of Armenia for the North-South Corridor projects, ADB monitors and advises on the project implementation according to the Bank’s guidelines. 

In all ADB infrastructure financing decisions, including the North-South Corridor projects, ADB does not impose any specific construction methodology, while encouraging implementing agencies to ensure quality construction under an adopted methodology to maximize durability, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and extend the life of the infrastructure.

We are confident that this remains the case in the implementation of the North-South Corridor and look forward to our continued partnership with the Government of Armenia to complete this critical infrastructure.