News and announcements


Dilijan Bends will be Repaired this Year

Dilijan bends (km 83+200 - km 91 + 176 section of the M4, Yerevan-Sevan-Ijevan road, about 8 km) are included in the 2021 capital repair programs. As part of the renovation, the parameters of the bends will also be improved. Design work is currently underway.


Public Discussions were Held on Kajaran-Agarak Section of the North-South Tranche 4

The total length of road section will about 45 km, the construction of the first section (about 32 km) is planned to start in 2022. The planned road will cross the existing road in some parts, and in some parts a new alignment will be constructed.


Road Construction Industry in the Preparatory Stage

Most of the designs are currently ready, after passing the expertise biddings for civil works will be announced, road construction contracts will be signed, after which the construction will start.


Road Safety Awareness Billboards have been Installed

In Vanadzor-Tumanyan section of the M-6, these posters will warn drivers to be more careful not to exceed the speed limit.


Safety Works are being Carried out in a Number of Black Spots of Armenia's Roads

The most dangerous points on the roads were determined on the basis of the analysis of the accident statistics provided by Road Police. The studies were conducted with the involvement of international experts. The actions for improving the traffic safety in the given road sections have been determined.


Road Safety and Infrastructure Improvement Measures launched on 9 Black Spots of H-8 and M-5 Roads

The construction works have been launched recently and they are in progress. The completion of the works is planned in September, 2021.