News and announcements


FIDIC Training was Organized

The trainer highlighted key principals and requirements of procurement plan, claim procedures, contract management to ensure smooth implementation of projects.


Six-month Internship was Organized for Young Specialists in the Field of Road Construction

During the work, the interns study the designs of the roads to be repaired, make visits to construction sites, get acquainted with the nuances of civil works on the spot and the specifics of project management.


The Construction of Tranche 3 with Involvement of Local Manpower Contributes to Solving the Social Problems of People Living in Neighbouring Regions

Earthworks have already been completed on one side of the road under construction, asphalting has started, most of the work on the existing structures on the road has been completed. The Company will try to complete the road asphalting of about 50 km in one direction by the end of 2021.


A Memorandum on Establishing a Civil Engineering Summer School was Signed

The Civil Engineering Summer School is intended for students of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, civil engineers, and young specialists in related spheres.


Improving Road Safety for Even the Youngest Armenians

As part of this commitment to safety, the project team has also been working to implement enhanced people-centered design features along targeted roads and is collaborating with traffic police to enhance crash data systems in the country.