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Road Construction has not Stopped in the Republic: the Work Continues in the Rear

According to the representatives of the road construction companies, there are many difficulties, however, they are trying to do their best with the available resources these days.


During the 3th Trimester of 2020, 1843 Applications and Letters were Registered

During the 3th trimester of 2020, 886 outgoing letters were registered.


The Road of Getap Village has been Completed

The residents of Getap were also satisfied with the construction works. They mentioned that the road had not been repaired since the 1970s, they finally got rid of the dust.

23-09-2020 16:12

After having an Asphalt Road in Verin Karmiraghbyur, the Villagers will do their Best to Extend its Circle of Life

Reconstruction works of the 1.65 km long road section continue in Verin Karmiraghbyur community (Tavush region). The renovation is carried out by "Gorgyan and Nersisyan" LLC. Rehabilitation works are funded from the state budget.

23-09-2020 15:3

The Road from Norshen to Gusanagyugh will be Temporarily Closed for Traffic

Drivers are advised to bypass the mentioned closed section by Norshen-Suser-Zarinja-Dzithankov-Dzorakap-Gusanagyugh highway.


The Left Side of the Road will be Temporarily Closed for Traffic

The left side of the road will be closed for traffic from September 23 to October 5, 2020. The traffic will be organized on the right side of the road.


Permanent Maintenance works are being Carried out in the Parakar-Ejmiatsin Section

The construction works are carried out by "Arhovshin" LLC. Within the framework of the permanent maintenance, the following works are carried out: milling, pothole patching, safety elements (new signal plastic poles C1), installation of asphalt concrete pavement and road marking.


The Process of Capital Repairs of M6 Interstate Road was Discussed

Mrs. Ghalechyan stressed that all resources should be mobilized. All measures must be taken by both the contractors and the technical supervisor to ensure the capital repair of the M6 interstate road with high quality.