Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project

The Republic of Armenia and the European Investment Bank signed a Neighborhood Investment Platform Grant Agreement to support the implementation of the Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project. This Agreement will allow the European Commission to finance this project by an investment grant of up to EUR 4,25m.

The project was launched on 04.12.2019.

Completed works

From the project commencement until the end of 2022, according to the contracts concluded with the Contractor organizations, the interstate M2, M3, M4, M5, M8, H69/H21 and 21 accident-prone road sections have been improved and put into operation.

The workshop on modernizing norms and existing standards of road safety of the RA has been organized in 2001. The developed document by the Consultant was adopted by the «Road Department» Fund.

Within the framework of the project, the training courses have been conducted for the road safety audit, 19 participants of which have received the qualification of road safety audit. The 2 notifying panels for road safety have been installed on M6 road.

Current works

Pursuant to the contracts concluded with the Contractor organizations, at the present the improvement works for interstate M4, M16 and H30 roads and  10 accident-prone areas are in the process, and which are supposed to be completed in September 2023.

Stipulated works

Within the framework of the project, the improvement works of 16 accident-prone areas of the region of Armavir Narapat junction (M5/H 17 intersection) of the Republic of Armenia and as well as the M2, M3, M12, H17 interstate and republican highways have been planned.  The design works for the project implementation on civil works have been completed, according to which, as well as taking into account the features and characteristics of road accident-prone areas, the following works are supposed to be fulfilled, such as: the construction of pedestrian sidewalks, crossings, the installation of blocks, marking, road signs, improvement of drainage system and other works. The works are supposed to be completed until the end of 2023.