North-South Road Corridor Investment Program

Tranche 5․ Gyumri bypass, Gyumri-Bavra

Tranche 5 - (Gyumri bypass and Gyumri-Bavra road section) total length is about 60 km

The design works tender was carried out under the grant funds of the European Investment Bank, in the scope of which in December 2015, a contract was signed with the Italian "Lotti Ingegneria and AIC Progetti" company.


The design has been developed for the following sections:

Gyumri bypass – with a total length of 23.181 km;

Gyumri - Bavra road section - with a total length of 37.234 km.

The Project Governing Council made a decision to construct a new 60 km long II technical category road (with a design speed of 100 km/h) under Tranche 5 ("Gyumri bypass (23.18 km) and Gyumri-Bavra (37.234 km) road)").

The Design underwent a simple technical examination and a complex state examination, and is currently in the stage of a special complex examination. 

The Land acquisition and resettlement plan is in the stage of development, and the preparatory works for acquisition process have started. In this regard public consultations in the affected communities have commenced, and the relevant field works (land measurement, property valuation, socio-economic survey, census, etc.) are planned to start.


In 2023 Gyumri bypass construction project was initiated (the project was developed and budgeted). A grant application was submitted for the EU "Eastern Partnership for Investment in Connectivity" (EPIC) facility to update the design and cost estimate documents, Environmental impact assessment report and tender package. A grant in the amount of 850․000 Euros was approved. Circulation of the Agreement has been undertaken, and after receiving all approvals, it will be sent for confirmation and submitted for signiture. It is expected to start the works under the mentioned agreement in spring 2024. The construction period is planned for 3 years.