Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project

  • The Republic of Armenia and the European Investment Bank signed a Neighborhood Investment Platform Grant Agreement to support the implementation of the Armenia Road Safety Improvement Project. This Agreement will allow the European Commission to finance this project by an investment grant of up to EUR 4,25m.
  • The overall objective of the project is to improve the regional interconnectivity through the upgrade of the transport network in Armenia, and more particularly through introduction of road safety measures and foster capacity development for relevant authorities and stakeholders to reach international standards regarding road safety.
  • This project includes the following activities: road safety measures on M6 interstate road, road safety works and infrastructure improvements of 9 selected black spots on H-8 republican road and M-5 interstate road Yerevan - Armavir - Border crossing with Turkey, 15 selected blackspots on interstate roads: M-2, M-4, M-12 and M-17, as well as additional identified blackspots.
  • The project was launched on 04.12.2019.
  • The construction of 9 black spots on H-8 and M-5 roads was completed in 2021. Two road safety awareness posters were placed on the M-6 road.
  • Elimination of 9 black spots on M-2 and M-4 interstate roads has started in 2021 as well.
  • The works targeted at the elimination of other black spots are in the design or pre-bidding stages.
  • A road safety audit training was organized within the framework of the project. A workshop on modernization of road safety standards and norms was organized in 2021.