M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia border Interstate Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project

The main goal of the Project is to rehabilitate and reconstruct Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian border interstate road on a length of about 90 km connecting the Republic of Armenia with the Republic of Georgia.


M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian border Interstate Road is running from city Vanadzor through 33 communities of the RA Lori and Tavush regions (with total population of 167,416) up to Bagratashen border crossing point. 


The Project will be jointly financed by the European Investment Bank and the Asian Development Bank, and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The European Investment Bank provided a credit in an amount of EUR 51 000 000 and “Armenia M6 Interstate Road” Finance Contract was signed between the Republic of Armenia and the European Investment Bank on 26 January, 2016 in Yerevan and on 29 January, 2016 in Luxembourg.

The Asian Development Bank provided a loan in an amount of EUR 44 037 000.

Design and cost estimate documents were prepared by the Italian “Lotti Ingegneria” LTD based on the Contract signed with the European Investment Bank.

Technical Supervision Company is "Safege and Hill International" J/V.

According to design, the following works should be carried out: subgrade rehabilitation, road pavement reconstruction, as well as construction and rehabilitation of 12 bridges and overpasses, repair and reconstruction of existing 3 tunnels available at the road section.

The project is implemented in 2 stages: Vanadzor-Tumanyan (38.45 km) and Tumanyan- Bagratashen border crossing point (51.74 km).

The construction works of the 1st stage were started in September, 2016․ The road section has been overhauled, it has been put into operation in 24 December, 2018․ The cost of construction works amounted to 19.356 billion RA Drams.


The construction works of the 2nd phase (Tumanyan- Bagratashen border crossing point, 51.74 km) started in May 29, 2018․


Additional works were needed within the framework of the Project. In particular, a number of significant design changes and additional works have been made, such as construction of a previously unplanned 910 m sewer line and 5.8 km water line 530 mm, and implementation of new fiber optic communication cable. Road alignment on the 58th km is envisaged to change in order to remove it from the high rock on the right side, to provide exterior lighting of Alaverdi section of the road, to improve traffic safety in the western access of Alaverdi. Reconstruction of twin bridges in Alaverdi has also under the scope additional works.

Construction works were completed in 2023.

The detailed restoration projects of Dilijan and Pushkin tunnels will be fulfilled in the scope of the project.

An area of M6 road section of about 610m length was removed from the project, and as a part of Odzun junction is being built in 2023 within the framework of restoration project for state highways implementing by means of state budget of the RA.

 Loan Agreement