North-South Road Corridor Investment Program

Tranche 4. Artashat-Agarak

Tranche 4 - The Tranche consists of 3 subsections: Artashat-Sisian, Sisian-Kajaran, Kajaran-Agarak road sections

Tranche 4, Artashat-Sisian section (upcoming project)


  • It is planned to construct a 160 km long road section of technical category II, including bridges and tunnels.
  • A preliminary design has been prepared.


Tranche 4, Sisian-Kajaran section 


  • Sisian-Kajaran Road Construction Investment Project is an integral part of the North-South Road Corridor Investment Project. Sisian-Kajaran Road Construction Investment Project was approved by the RA Government Decree No 1564-Ա of 24.09.2021.
  • The estimated period of net construction works envisaged by the Project will be about 6 years and 365 days Defects Liability Period after the construction.
  • Detailed working design and construction estimate are prepared.
  • The detailed design of Sisian-Kajaran road construction was prepared in 2018, according to which it is planned to construct a new 2nd category road section with the parameters of the 1st technical category road (with a total length of about 60 km, including 4.7 km long 27 bridges and 12.5 km 9 tunnels (the longest is Bargushat tunnel with length of about 8.6 km)). Detailed working design has undergone a special complex expertise and the summary conclusion was approved by the RA Government Decree No 870-Ա of May 27, 2020.
  • Prequalification Procedure of Construction of about 60 km of Sisian-Kajaran Road Section, North-South Road Corridor, Tranche 4 Announced. The results were summarized and submitted for approval to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Tranche 4, Kajaran-Agarak section 

  • The construction of one part of Kajaran-Agarak section (entrance to the planned Agarak-Vardanidzor-Kajaran tunnel) is financed by the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development of Eurasian Development Bank and the Government of RA.
  • Total length of a road section to be constructed is about 32 km (entrance to the planned Agarak-Vardanidzor-Kajaran tunnel).
  • An international bidding has been announced in 2018 for the preparation of detailed design of the Kajaran-Agarak section. In February 2019, the results of the bidding were summarized. The design works were completed in 2021.
  • According to the design, it is planned to construct the Kajaran tunnel with a total length of about 7.2 km and about 3 km of tunnel approaches.
  • A tender was announced for the procurement of construction works for the 21 km road section from Agarak to Vardanidzor and the construction of the 11 km road from Vardanidzor to the tunnel exit. The Contractor is "Abad Rahan Pars International Group and Tunnel Sadd Ariana" JV. The Contract for the completion of construction was signed on 23.10.2023.