North-South Road Corridor Investment Program

Tranche 3. Talin-Lanjik, Lanjik-Gyumri

Tranche 3 (Talin-Lanjik 18,7km, Lanjik-Gyumri 23km) total length is around 41,7km


Loan agreements of Tranche 3 are signed with two donor organizations – Asian Development Bank(on 11.03.2014) and European Investment Bank (on 18.11.2013).

The consultant realizing design works is "Egis International" French company.

 The contractor is "Sinohydro International" LTD Chinese company. 

Construction supervision/engineer company was Italian Joint Venture of "Spea Ingengneria Europea S.p.A." and "IRD Engineering S.r.L" up to October 2019. From October 2019 construction supervision/engineer company is "IRD Engineering".

The construction cost for Tranche 3 Talin-Lanjik section is USD 100 million, taxes included, for Lanjik-Gyumri section is EUR 60 million (loan) and EUR 12 million (grant), taxes included.


Credit funds provided by - Asian Development Bank (USD 100 million) and European Investment Bank (EUR 60 million + EUR 12 million grant).


Description of works under Tranche 3.

  1. Talin-Lanjik section - reconstruction of 18,7km of road, technical supervision as well as design of the southern part of the corridor and preparation of Tranche 4 are financed by the ADB loan. The following is envisaged: 
  • Reconstruction works of 18,7 km Talin-Lanjik section;
  • Technical supervision of reconstruction works of Talin-Lanjik section;
  • Feasibility study and preliminary design of southern part of North-South Corridor, namely: about 304 km from Artashat to Qajaran;
  • Project implementation assistance and preparation of further sectionս of North-South Road Corridor Investment Program, including: final design of about 60 km section;
  • Preparation and implementation of long-term road subsector plan, road asset management and maintenance administrative system.


  1. Lanjik-Gyumrisection - reconstruction and technical supervision of 23km of road, as well as the design of Gyumri by-pass and Gyumri-Bavra 70 km section are financed from EIB loan and grant funds. The following is envisaged:
  • Reconstruction works of 23km of Lanjik-Gyumri section, the two-lane road to be widened up to four-lane;Technical supervision of reconstruction works of Lanjik-Gyumri section;
  • Feasibility study,preliminary and final designս of Northern part of North-South Corridor, namely - about 70 km from Gyumri to Bavra;
  • Preparation of Tranche 5 and the bidding documents.



Talin - Gyumri

Total length

41.7 km, where:
new alignment is envisaged for about 3,5 km section, and works for widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road will be implemented.

Pavement width

23 m

Major works

- for now it is anticipated widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road in all sections except a 3,5 km section which will be a completely new road; 
- construction of 9 transport junctions; 
- construction of structures, including: 13 agricultural machinery crossings, 3 cattle crossings,  93 storm sewers, bridges and culverts.