North-South Road Corridor Investment Program

Tranche 3. Talin-Lanjik, Lanjik-Gyumri

Tranche 3 (Talin-Lanjik 18,7km, Lanjik-Gyumri 23km) total length is around 41,7km


Loan agreements of Tranche 3 are signed with two donor organizations – Asian Development Bank (on 11.03.2014) and European Investment Bank (on 18.11.2013).

The consultant realizing design works is "Egis International" French company.

 The contractor is "Sinohydro International" LTD Chinese company. 

Construction supervision/engineer company was Italian Joint Venture of "Spea Ingengneria Europea S.p.A." and "IRD Engineering S.r.L" up to October 2019. From October 2019 construction supervision/engineer company is "IRD Engineering".

The construction cost for Tranche 3 Talin-Lanjik section is USD 100 million, taxes included, for Lanjik-Gyumri section is EUR 60 million (loan) and EUR 12 million (grant), taxes included.


Credit funds provided by - Asian Development Bank (USD 100 million) and European Investment Bank (EUR 60 million + EUR 12 million grant).

The restoration works of Talin-Lanjik section are completed.

The restoration works of Lanjik-Gyumri section are in the process.

Description of works under Tranche 3.

  1. Talin-Lanjik section - reconstruction of 18,7km of road, technical supervision as well as design of the southern part of the corridor and preparation of Tranche 4 are financed by the ADB loan. The following is envisaged: 
  • Reconstruction works of 18,7 km Talin-Lanjik section;
  • Technical supervision of reconstruction works of Talin-Lanjik section;
  • Feasibility study and preliminary design of southern part of North-South Corridor, namely: about 304 km from Artashat to Kajaran;
  • Project implementation assistance and preparation of further section of North-South Road Corridor Investment Program, including: final design of about 60 km section;
  • Preparation and implementation of long-term road subsector plan, road asset management and maintenance administrative system.


  1. Lanjik-Gyumri section - reconstruction and technical supervision of 23km of road, as well as the design of Gyumri by-pass and Gyumri-Bavra 70 km section are financed from EIB loan and grant funds. The following is envisaged:
  • Reconstruction works of 23km of Lanjik-Gyumri section, the two-lane road to be widened up to four-lane; Technical supervision of reconstruction works of Lanjik-Gyumri section;
  • Feasibility study, preliminary and final designս of Northern part of North-South Corridor, namely - about 70 km from Gyumri to Bavra;
  • Preparation of Tranche 5 and the bidding documents.



Talin - Gyumri

Total length

41.7 km, where:
new alignment is envisaged for about 3,5 km section, and works for widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road will be implemented.

Pavement width

23 m

Major works

- for now it is anticipated widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road in all sections except a 3,5 km section which will be a completely new road; 
- construction of 9 transport junctions; 
- construction of structures, including: 13 agricultural machinery crossings, 3 cattle crossings, 93 storm sewers, bridges and culverts.