Transhe 2, Ashtarak-Talin


On 1 June 2017 concrete pavement implementation works on left section of Ashtarak-Talin 42km road constructed within the scope of Tranche 2 of North-South Road Corridor Investment Program will be launched. The Contractor, the Spanish “Isolux Corsan” Company has started up a concrete paver machine, commencing the concrete pavement implementation works in 2017. Construction Supervision is carried out by the specialists of “Safege” Supervising Company. 

 It is envisaged that after the reconstruction the existing 2-lanes on Ashtarak-Talin road section will be widened up to 4-lanes, and about 15 km long section shall have new alignment bypassing the current road.


 In parallel, the Contractor continues to carry out construction works of roadbed widening, rocky ground blasting as well as culvert structures and overpasses on other sections of the road. The construction works of bypass sections are also in process.


The construction of Tranche 2 of North-South Road Corridor Investment Program is implemented by the credit funds provided by Asian Development Bank which amount to 180 million USD