Issues Related To Bagratashen New Bridge Construction Project Were Discussed


Regular meeting with the representatives of the ''Tunnel Sadd Ariana'' Iranian company (Contractor of the Bagratashen new bridge design and construction works) and Korean ''Soo-Sung Engineering Co.'' Ltd took place (company providing technical supervision of bridge construction).

Mr. Yeonghwi Lee, Team Leader of Soo-Sung Engineering Co., Ltd presented the progress of the project implementation. He noted that the Contractor completed the detailed design of the Bagratashen new bridge. Construction work would commence after detailed design approval and expertise.

During the meeting, issues related to land acquisition were also discussed during the construction of the new bridge.

An agreement was reached that the ''Tunnel Sadd Ariana'' and ''Soo-Sung Engineering Co.'', Ltd would prepare a comprehensive presentation about current and ongoing works of the bridge design to present it to stakeholders.

It should be noted that discussions of the detailed design and other issues were being conducted in parallel with the Georgian side.